Building Wrap Banners

From urban landscapes to construction sites, these building wrap banners redefine the true meaning of outdoor advertising.

Nothing is too big for us

In this case, size matters. And when it comes to XXL sized solutions, PM-TM is always one step ahead as printing large is in our blood. That’s simply what we love to do and we do it a lot. However, what set us apart from many others is that we understand one simple rule - size is nothing without quality. Our printed building wrap banners are like a testament to our technical capability. That means high-resolution graphics, unbeatable color vibrancy, and durability that withstands all the challenges that outdoors can prepare. As a result, you get a visual masterpiece that stands tall against the backdrop of the city landscape.


Sky Is The Limit: We Can Print It All

These gigantic, attention-stealing displays truly have the power to turn any building into a canvas for your brand’s story. That means creating a bold statement that is simply impossible to ignore. Not to mention, building wraps come with two very important benefits. First of all, they work great to cover less aesthetically pleasing sights like construction sites, damaged brickwork or scaffolding. And second - nothing creates such a lasting impression as extra large banners, telling stories of your brand


Unleash The Power: Benefits of Building Wrap Banners

Monopolise the sightline of pedestrian and vehicle traffic with ultra large building wraps.


This Is How We Bring Giants To Life

Project Consultation

First of all, we make sure that we have the most appropriate material chosen for the banners to suit the building and environment. Our team always strives for a five-star outcome, therefore we always suggest to have one of our trusted install experts to carry a site survey. That helps to identify the potential challenges that may arise during installation. Also we strongly suggest to get all the measurements correctly.

Design And Artwork

After the site survey wraps up, our installation team will come up with a precise quotation to both you and our design team. Armed with this information, you can either modify your artwork to fit the exact sizes or create a brand new concept. After that, your artwork is handed to our designers who are ready to troubleshoot any concerns or queries you may have. They will provide a proof and work with you closely to ensure absolute satisfaction even before it gets printed.

Printing And Cutting

The artwork undergoes the printing process using our state-of-the-art large format printers. The job is always done with eco-UV inks, therefore every banner comes out with a premium quality digital print. After then, the banner goes to our finishing team where it undergoes precise cutting and lamination if required. These are the final touches to ensure you’ll get a polished product.


Wrapping a building is not a small challenge. Our installation experts are equipped with the right tools and expertise and will transform your vision into a reality. Every inch is secured with precision, ensuring both longevity and visual impact. Our skilled installation team will securely transport the banner to the installation site, ensuring a correct and timely setup. This guarantees that your banner achieves its optimal appearance, meeting and exceeding your expectations.

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