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At PM-TM, we offer full service operations under one roof, from just an idea to a final result.

Bring Your Story to Life With Our Design Services

This makes us your one-stop destination for a printed vision that looks and performs exactly as you have imagined. In the dynamic world of large format printing, it's not just about the creativity of the design. It's about mastering the technical challenges that ensure flawless execution. Outstanding print quality, Swiss precision cutting, limitless design customisation possibilities, and more - all the things you don’t have to worry about when you choose PM-TM.

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What you see is what you get

Our commitment extends way beyond providing exceptional large format prints. We are your partners in turning ideas into striking realities. With our full service operations, we've crafted a seamless journey from the first idea to the delivery of a final result. When it comes to design services, PM-TM stands as your one-stop destination for turning your vision into a captivating printed masterpiece. Sometimes the design blossoms on a computer screen but encounters unexpected issues when produced in a physical print. 

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Therefore, it is crucial to work with designers who understand the intricacies of various materials, environmental considerations, and have experience in large scale production. This real life expertise ensures that your design not only looks impressive digitally but also seamlessly translates into a stunning reality. With PM-TM, you're not just getting design services. You’re also gaining the assurance that every element of your vision is backed by practical know-how and production expertise.

We are printing your imagination

The gap between digital mastery and print reality is an underestimated challenge. Sometimes, what looks like a design triumph on the computer screen turns into a real problem when you start producing it. Our clients have been there many times - having a design mockup that looks visually stunning but is practically impossible to produce. Advertising agencies always come up with creative solutions. However, sometimes they lack one very important component: practice and experience in large format production. Not all the things that can be designed look just as good when printed.

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The reason for that is material specifics, color consistency, environmental factors, and the nuances of large scale production. At PM-TM, we’ve encountered numerous instances where design brilliance clashes with the practicalities of production. We've received design mockups that look dazzling on screen but fail when they get produced. Not to mention, these challenges aren't just frustrating. They translate into wasted time, resources, and, most significantly, clients' money.

Why choose PM-TM design services?

We are fuelled by creativity

In a world full of visuals, we cut through the noise. Our design team consists of strategic thinkers who craft designs that look good on a screen and translates into show-stopping products. Every detail is intentional, ensuring your message isn’t just seen but also remembered.

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Speedy designs and swift delivery

Got a tight deadline? No worries here! We don’t have the time to fool around - we’re all about efficiency. Your projects move through our design phase at lightning speed without sacrificing quality. Get ready for designs that impress, delivered precisely when you need them.

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Material mastery

Large banners, posters, POS, wall murals – you name it, we design it. Whatever surface you envision, we create our designs to maximise the impact. It's not just about looking good, it’s about looking perfect on every material.

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Customer happiness is what matters

Collaboration is our secret sauce. We listen, understand, and adjust our designs to your unique needs. Your satisfaction is our main goal, and we're here to make sure you get the designs you've been dreaming of.

Designs that print like a dream

Have you ever received a design from an ad agency that looked great digitally but turned into a printing nightmare? We've been there many times. Our design services bridge the gap between stunning digital mockups and real-world production. What you see in the design phase is exactly what you'll get in final product, saving you time and money.

Choose PM-TM for designs that impress

When it comes to design services, we're not just in the business of creating visuals. We’re in the business of creating impact. Choose PM-TM for designs that go beyond pretty pictures – these are designs that captivate, impress, and, most importantly, deliver results.

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