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Free standing display units are an extremely effective way to promote your in-store sales or showcase new products.

Elevate, Captivate and Dominate with Free Standing Displays 

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These light yet surprisingly tough constructions maximise the space around shelves and counters and catch customer’s gaze instantly. The landscape of retail and marketing is very dynamic and changes constantly. therefore, creating a lasting impression and holding up with the competition is not an easy task. Consider printed free standing display units (FSDUs) that stand tall in the midst of shelves, cash registers and many bright distractions.

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What is a standee or free standing display unit (FSDU)?

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FSDUs are rigid graphics made to stand up on their own without any kind of display fixture. They are typically made of a cardboard, rigid plastic or foam board and serve as a dual-purpose solution by providing practical product storage coupled with a customisable advertising space. Our cardboard free standing displays are usually shipped flat-packed for easy storage and installation.

To further simplify the process, we provide a free consultation service, ensuring a seamless assembly and installation experience for your free standing display units. Common locations include near checkouts for increased impulse purchases and around aisle ends. The use of lighting can further accentuate FSDUs and draw attention to featured products. They come in all sizes and can be produced to fit various needs.

Standing Cardboard Display PMTM

PM-TM has always prioritised equipping the factory with the most capable technology. Our wide format printers can create free format standing display units with high image quality at unbelievable speeds.

At PM-TM, we don’t just provide displays - we craft advertising masterpieces that seamlessly align with a brand’s identity. Printed FSDUs, when strategically placed in high-traffic areas, become a guide that attract potential customers. That’s what we call a strategic showmanship.

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Elevate Brand Image Affordably

The advantages of free standing displays extend way beyond practicality. They offer a cost-effective way for retailers to enhance their brand image. These portable units are not limited to physical stores - they seamlessly transition to events like trade shows. FSDUs are exceptionally effective in generating impulse purchases and maximizing revenue.

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If you can imagine it, we can produce it

Our standees offer a unique opportunity to break free from the ordinary. For example, imagine 3D effects that defy perception, holographic elements that mesmerise, or innovative shapes that are creative or witty enough to a become the centre of attention. These elements transcend traditional marketing methods and become interactive and memorable experiences for your audience.

Free Standing Promo Display PMTM

In the competitive world of retail and marketing, the need to stand tall and make a bold statement is more significant than ever. Our Printed Free Standing Display Units serve as the ideal way to showcase your brand's personality, products, and promotions.

Free Standing Cardboard Promo Display PMTM

At PM-TM, we invite you to explore the endless possibilities of large format printing and transform your brand presence completely. Contact us for a custom-tailored solution that will leave an unforgettable mark on the minds of your audience. Elevate your brand, captivate your customers, and make every display a testament to your unique identity.


The stage is set - let your brand shine with printed free standing displays.

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