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In the world of business where every single detail matters, custom signs and interior signage work like silent ambassadors, telling all about brands and spaces. These visuals do much more than just guide us through spaces. They shape perceptions, boost customer engagement, and redefine the aesthetics of commercial environments. At PM-TM, we are proud to craft designs that boost the brand identity and become an element of company narratives.

Navigation Signs PMTM Exhibition hall navigation

The palette of possibilities. Here’s a small part of all the materials we offer:

Acrylic - elegance in transparency. Acrylic signs bring a vibe of sophistication to any interior. However, acrylic is available not only in transparent, but also in colored, matte, and frosted finishes. This material is the perfect choice for modern and upscale environments if you’re aiming to create a sleek and transparent aesthetic.

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Metal - industrial chic. Metal signs add an industrial and chic feel. This material is ideal for businesses aiming to convey strength, longevity, and a touch of modernity.

Foam board - lightweight versatility. Foam board signs are a cost-effective solution for temporary displays. Lightweight and versatile, they are perfect for events and short-term promotions.

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Vinyl - the adhesive marvel. This material has outstanding adhesive properties. Therefore, it can be applied to various surfaces. Not to mention, when it gets printed with our UV inks, Rainbow can get jealous of all the color nuances we can bring to life.

And these are just some of the best sellers that we offer. Contact us to find out the best solution for any project you have in mind.

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Why should you consider getting custom interior signage?

It’s a cost-effective solution. Tailored navigation and branding signs come in a diverse range of sizes and materials. Therefore, you can get your very own solution that perfectly aligns with your business needs. Indoor signs are a budget-friendly strategy to effectively capture the attention of potential customers and prevent any kind of confusion when it comes to finding the right way.

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It defines the brand’s identity. Custom-printed signs are more than corporate logos. It’s no secret that many consumers judge the quality of a company or its product based on its visual identity. That always includes interior signs as well. Elevating your office or retail store with high-quality, professionally produced custom signage not only attracts the attention of potential customers but also builds trust. Interior signs encourage them to explore and experience what your products or services have to offer.

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It ensures stress-free navigation. It seamlessly guides customers to the products they seek or ensures stress-free navigation through business centres, hospitals, museums, and every other public premise. Nothing can be as annoying as getting lost in a public space just because someone hasn’t thought through the navigation signs.

It works as branding on-the-go. Whether at trade shows or pop-up events, custom navigation and informational signs offer a broad branding solution. Popup banners, flags, and promotional signs transform into immediate ambassadors that allow you to take your brand anywhere.

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Our Production Alchemy: From Concept to Reality

Design Collaboration:

From Imagination to Reality: The journey begins with collaborative design sessions. Our team works closely with clients to translate their ideas into visually compelling designs.

Cutting-Edge Printing and Producing:

State-of-the-Art Technology: Our large format printing and cutting technology transforms designs into reality. High-resolution, vibrant colors, and precision cutting bring custom signs and interior signage to life.

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Expert Finishing:

Crafting Perfection: After printing, expert finishing is crucial. From precise cutting to lamination and mounting, we ensure that the final product meets the highest standards.

Installation: Bringing Designs to Life

Seamless Integration: Our skilled installation team ensures that custom signs seamlessly integrate into the designated space. Precision, attention to detail, and adherence to safety standards are what matter.

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