Large Format Printing

Amplify your message with large format printing solutions.

Large format printing is more than just laying ink on various materials. It transforms your ideas into captivating visual narratives that tells the story of a brand. Therefore, it takes both technical experience and artistic creativity to deliver a modern and sophisticated print experience that resonates with the customer. That’s where PM-TM comes in.


When you decide to go big, choose PM-TM.

What is Large Format Printing?

There is more to large format printing than just store banners and posters. It’s a revolution in visual design that turn plain surfaces into a powerful canvas for your company. We're talking about your brand's name in full scale. Not only is our large format digital printing eye-catching and impressive, but it also serves as advertising powerhouse. In other words, delivering your message to a customer has never been easier.


Our Solutions

Large Format Printing: Captivate your audience through the unique power of our large format digital printing. We take your thoughts and make them large – posters, banners, wall graphics, car or building wraps – you name it, we print it.

Wall Murals and Graphics: Use wall mural printing to transform a boring wall into an interesting canvas. An ordinary wall may be transformed into an interactive and engaging brand presentation in an office space, retail store or event venue.

Window Graphics: Have eye-catching windows that are aimed at attracting potential customers. Our ability in storefront large format printing can add some boost to your name and make it more noticeable.

Everything printed: Our capabilities go way beyond traditional marketing approaches and size scales. When it comes to creative interior signs, bold floor graphics, custom and extremely creative free standing display units, we are ready to print your imagination. The bigger, the better.


This Is How We Roll

Large-format printing at PM-TM is a state-of-art performance:

Consultation and Conceptualisation: We don’t just brainstorm, we hustle. That means taking every project just as serious as we would with our own brand. Work together with our seen-it-all designers to turn your ideas into eye-catching visuals that shout your brand's anthem and demand attention.

Selection of Materials: Not only a material is important, but also the impact and texture. Choose from our selection of superior materials, each as striking as the next, to make sure your print delivers what it’s supposed to. Or leave this to our project managers who know what works the best in each case.

Printing Accuracy: Your vision becomes a masterpiece as every line, color, and detail is faithfully captured with a precision. At present, we are the most technologically advanced large format printing service provider in Latvia.

Assurance of Quality: We establish the standards, not just adhere to them. Our quality controls embody a standard of excellence - they’re not just routine checkpoints.

Ensuring the Best Results

This is how the magic happens at PM-TM.

Advanced Printing Technology

Our printing equipment is not just up to date - they are next generation machines that can achieve outstanding performance. That provides every customer with impeccable quality prints.


Expert Craftsmanship
The secret ingredient to our formula of success is our highly experienced team. They are eager to bring your vision to life. Large format printing is our specialty, and we guarantee a hassle-free process from start to finish.

Tailored Solutions
Naturally, every project is unique in its own ways. We collaborate with our customers and adjust our techniques to make sure you get exactly what you have in mind. Your success matters, therefore we are all here for it.

Make PM-TM your first choice when it comes to large format printing that goes above and beyond.

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