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Printing Your Vision: High Quality POS and POP Materials

Printed POS and POP materials is like a voice between your product and a potential customer. It speaks volumes in the crowded retail space and narrates your brand’s story in a compelling manner. That’s why a strategic design and positioning is crucial to capture a wandering gaze. Here at PM-TM, printing point of sale items is a big part of our everyday hustle. Therefore, our more than 10 years of experience in the industry leaves no space for guessing. We simply know the drill, and we love what we do. Probably that is the success formula behind every print that comes out of our factory.

Here’s What We Can Do (A Small Part Of It!)


Aisle Fins / Shelf Stoppers

These printed shelf stoppers effortlessly turn mundane store aisles into dynamic marketing zones. Vertical aisle fins guide shoppers through the store and also serve as potent branding platforms. Aisle fins can become the canvas for your brand’s visual story as they offer a customisable and attention-grabbing space to showcase promotions and advertisements. Shelf stoppers take centre stage, amplify product visibility and ensures that your brand remains seen from one aisle to the next.

Shelf Strips

When strategically positioned along shelves, printed shelf strips captivate attention and drive sales. They can showcase branding, pricing and product details in a visually compelling manner. At our large format printing company, we employ state-of-the-art technology to bring these designs to life, ensuring vibrant colors and sharp graphics that seize the customer’s gaze. Whether guiding the consumer journey, promoting special offers or elevating brand visibility, printed shelf strips stand as versatile tools.

Shelf Wobblers

These printed marketing materials are uniquely designed to pop out of shelves and capture attention of each customer. There are many reasons why this marketing tool is so popular among our clients. First of all - printed shelf wobblers are lightweight and versatile. They can be attached to various surfaces and the lightweight graphics sway and jolt, instantly capturing attention. Not to mention, this is a cost-effective solution to deliver the message to each passerby.


Security Gate Covers

Adding a touch of sophistication to functional elements has never been easier. These sleek and good looking security gate covers serve as a great advertising option for stores and shopping malls. With customisable designs and a range of materials, they offer a stylish solution to any enviromental design challenges. Not to mention, printed security gate covers become dynamic elements of marketing strategies and help to create a visually engaging space.


Strut Cards

One of the most versatile marketing materials, strut cards can truly make an impact without an extra effort. They stand on their own thanks to a durable and robust construction and can be moved around easily. At the same time, strut cards demand attention and can become the most efficient way of showcasing promotions or event information.

Hanging Signs

With our expertise and your vision, let your ceiling space become a storytelling canvas. Printed hanging signs easily add a new dimension to the art of retail and can become a powerful advertising asset. Not to mention, we deliver complete solutions. That means creating a hanging kit that ensures easy installation and a perfect fit for your environment.

+ everything in between and more. Contact us to tailor a unique custom solution to your marketing campaign!


Get the Maximum Impact Out of POS and POP materials

It's not just about visibility - these signs strategically position your brand in the sweet spots of the store. From the entrance that invites customers to the checkout where decisions are made, our signs can highlight your brand to ensure it's always in the consumer's line of sight.

Customized POS and POP materials to Reflect Your Brand Identity

One size fits none, and that's the brilliance of our Printed POS and POP signs. Each design is a unique creation that can display your brand's personality. Whether it's a sleek countertop display, a floor stand that commands attention, or a shelf strip that narrates a story, we've got your brand covered.

Adaptable to Every Marketing Shift

Retail landscape is always evolving, therefore adaptability is crucial. Our Printed POS and POP signs can effortlessly adapt to every shift in your marketing strategy. These advertorial materials are always ready for a quick change. That ensures your brand stays relevant and dynamic. POS is impactful and portable, so these items can easily fit into events, trade shows and exhibitions.

The Expertise Behind the Print

Behind every impactful sign is our team of printing experts armed with cutting-edge technology, premium materials, and a commitment to precision. Your brand's vision isn't just printed - it is brought to life with expertise and creativity.

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