Printed Floor Graphics PMTM

Printed Floor Graphics

Branding beyond eye level: printed floor graphics

Use every surface available for promoting your brand or product with printed floor graphics. At PM-TM, nothing is too large or complicated to be printed. As with everything we do, the options are truly limitless. From sales promotions and navigation to simply creative and enhanced interior, our printed solutions can cover all the diverse needs.

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Quality Goes First

With printed floor graphics more than anything else, quality matters. Considering that they are applied in a high customer traffic areas, floor decals must withstand a constant impact from shoes, bags, cleaning machines, and more. The resilience of these floor graphics against the daily wear and tear is like a testament to the craftsmanship behind their production. Therefore, a client should choose a trustworthy print partner who can deliver the durability and quality of floor decals. But that’s why you’re here on our website, isn’t it?

With over 10 years of experience, we've encountered and overcome various challenges. That includes errors, difficult surfaces and tough conditions. With this wealth of knowledge, you can trust us to provide the best solutions every time for each project.

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Durability Matters

There is a secret that guarantees the durability of floor stickers and that is using the right over laminate. Depending on the schedule of your marketing campaign, we can surely suggest the best solution. Serving as a protective shield, over laminate ensures the longevity and durability of the printed artwork beneath it. This transparent layer acts as a barrier against the relentless foot traffic, heavy equipment, and other potential sources of wear and tear. Beyond safeguarding against abrasions, an over laminate also shields the graphics from UV rays, preventing fading and maintaining vibrant colors. In short, it's the invisible guardian that extends the life of printed floor graphics.

We’ve got your floor covered: The many uses of printed floor graphics

Retail: Floor decals can strategically lead customers along optimal paths through selling areas. These routes serve to showcase on-sale or premium product offerings, maximising visibility and encouraging targeted customer engagement. Regardless of age and gender, people generally pay attention to where they’re walking. Especially the younger generation who spend so much time gazing downward to their phones. Printed floor graphics remain prominently visible, presenting an effective way to capture attention.

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Events and Exhibitions: Printed floor graphics are simply perfect for temporary settings like conventions, exhibitions or trade shows. They are easily applied and removed. These eye-catching decals can attract potential clients and guide them your way. Whether it's directing customers towards key product displays, highlighting promotions, or creating a branded pathway, printed floor graphics play a huge role in enhancing engagement.

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Office Branding: Transforming floor spaces into dynamic visual elements can significantly enhance office branding. These floor decals serve as a unique branding touch points that capture attention and reinforce the company’s identity. From welcoming visitors in reception areas to guiding employees through shared spaces, they become an integral part of the office experience. This approach cultivates and communicates the company’s culture, values and creativity. Whether used for navigation, highlighting key areas or simply adding a nice touch to interior, printed floor graphics leave an impression on employees and visitors alike.

Printed Floor Stickers PMTM

Public Premises: Let’s not forget that printed floor graphics are more than just a decoration - they can be very functional as well. With all the visual excitement around us, sometimes it is hard to find the basic necessities like waiting areas, exits, restrooms, reception and more. Floor graphics can do it all - look great, blend in the interior and serve as an informative guide to lead the clients.

It's remarkable how printed floor graphics transform ordinary floors into dynamic and effective marketing channel!

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