Wallpapers and Wall Murals

Explore the art of large format printing by elevating your space with unique wallpapers and wall murals.

Bring your walls to life with wallpapers and wall murals

Be ready to say goodbye to blank and boring walls. Wallpapers are traditionally associated with quirky patterns and traditional textures, however they have undergone a true revolution. Our large format printing possibilities brings an unparalleled level of detail and vividness to murals and wallpapers, bringing breathtaking imagery, creative designs and brand-related graphics to life.

Printed Wallpapers and Wall Murals by PMTM

Turn ordinary into extraordinary with large format printing possibilities

There are so many public spaces and businesses that can benefit from well-crafted and creative wallpapers. To name a few - hotels, schools, offices and workplaces, board rooms, sport facilities, cafes, beauty salons, retail stores, hospitals and many more. Contact PM-TM’s project managers to start working on your perfect background right away.

Custom Wallpapers by PMTM

Self-adhesive, easy to remove or traditional? Your choice!

You guessed it - we can print it all. We have test-proofed many of the finest wallpaper materials to find the ones that bring the most vivid colors and patterns to life. Therefore, we will find a match to any site that you want to dress up in wallpapers.

Traditional material: Works on many surfaces and is well known due to its durability. This is a lower cost solution that looks beautiful and introduces a tactile dimension to interiors. Its surface often has a slight texture that gives it a luxurious feel. The application process involves applying adhesive to the wall which can be done by our experts by request.

Self-adhesive material: Makes the application of a wallpaper easy as a breeze. In the era of convenience, self adhesive wallpapers and wall murals revolutionise the way we dress our walls. They can be crafted from a variety of materials such as vinyl or fabric. However, the defining feature of this wallpaper is its adhesive backing. That simplifies the installation process significantly. No matter if the client is about to update the walls of an office or kindergarten, self adhesive wallpaper sticks effortlessly to most surfaces, providing a secure and bubble-free application.

Removable material: Sure, most of the materials we use can be removed without doing any damage to the walls. Our job is to ensure that every client gets the best solution he needs. However, if you need a wallpaper that is applied for a short-term only and can be removed with closed eyes, we have it as well. Removable wallpaper is designed to adhere firmly to the wall yet to be removed easily without leaving residue or damaging the surface.

Wallpapers for Hotels by PMTM

Endless variety of wallpaper designs

Unlock the world of endless variety - we have a collection of wallpaper designs that are made to fit the diverse needs of our B2B customers. From classic and timeless motifs to contemporary and avant-garde patterns, we can come up with all of it. We keep a close eye on current design trends, therefore making sure that our collection is an ever-evolving gallery. Our goal is to provide a versatile collection that effortlessly harmonises with any interior project. That allows to transform spaces into personalized works of art that resonate with the unique identity of each business.

Custom Wallpapers and Wall Murals by PMTM

Breathtaking choice of wall murals

As one of the leading large format printing companies, we are proud to offer a broad selection of styles that will match any interior or project. From captivating cityscapes to nature-inspired panoramas, abstract paintings or branded narratives, our wall murals are the key of visual storytelling. The scale of our printing capabilities allows for a grand effect that turns walls into expansive canvases. In other words - if wallpapers set the stage, wall murals steal the spotlight. These larger-than-life prints create an immersive experience that captivates and inspires. Whether you’re aiming for a corporate ambience to exude professionalism or creative and breathtaking scenery, our endless range of wall murals ensure that any client will find the perfect match for their walls.

Wall Murals by PMTM

Need something extra unique and special? Ask for a custom solution

Whether it’s a specific color palette, an exclusive pattern or a completely original design, our custom solutions cater to diverse styles. That allows us to seamlessly integrate with any customer’s project. The beauty lies in the limitless possibilities - there is barely anything that can't be printed at PM-TM. For businesses, custom wallpapers and wall murals offer a unique branding opportunity. A carefully crafted design cat convey brand values, tell the brand story and create a memorable atmosphere for customers and employees alike.

Your vision, our expertise - let’s create something extraordinary together.

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