Great things start with a message!

Your print-perfection journey with PMTM begins with a conversation. We value open communication and collaboration, considering your ideas and feedback as essential elements of the creative process. Welcome to PMTM - this is where imagination knows no bounds, and every print tells a unique story.

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Jaunpils iela 1,
Riga, Latvia, LV-1002
+371 20026326

PVN Nr. LV40103443590
A/S Swedbank

Or get in touch with one of us

Aleksandrs Gurvics - PMTM
Aleksandrs Gurvičs
Business Manager / CEO
Ansis Cerins - PMTM
Ansis Ceriņš
Chief Operating Officer
+371 25457725
Janis Kokorevics - PMTM
Jānis Kokorevičs
Board Member / Head of Marketing
Dmitrijs Gests - PMTM
Dmitrijs Gests
Project Director
+371 28287126
Marcis Benuzs - PMTM
Mārcis Benužs
Project Manager
+371 26907002
Raivo Brutans - PMTM
Raivo Brutāns
Project Manager
+371 26186366
Agnese Grūbe
Project Director
+371 29591312
Vladislavs Ozeleda - PMTM
Vladislavs Oželeda
Junior Project Manager
+371 28789746
Evita Grube - PMTM
Evita Grūbe
Project Manager
+371 29471571
Līva Lazdupa
Office Administrator
+371 20026326
Evija Krautmane - PMTM
Evija Krautmane
Office Administrator
+371 20122444
Guntars.R - PMTM
Guntars R.
Lead Layout Designer
Rudiards Dreimanis - PMTM
Rudiards Dreimanis
Production Manager
+371 27564956
Viktors Madelans - PMTM
Viktors Madelāns
Head of Logistics
+371 26997457
Eduards.S - PMTM
Eduards S.
Head of Assembly Works

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